Come and begin to understand why Yuquot (Friendly Cove) has such special meaning to the Mowachaht / Muchalaht people and is considered as the centre of the world for all Nootka First Nations on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Yuquot means “where the winds blow from many directions”. Which enabled 13 tribes to gather during the summer harvest season as one large confederacy of strength, commerce and hospitality? This rich culture continues today with the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations opening up the Yuquot Historic Village site for the entire world to come and experience their history and culture. Yuquot village has been designated as a National Historic Site.

   To do so the Mowachaht/Muchalaht Nation have and are making major investments to upgrade and develop Yuquot historic infrastructure;  dock and moorage facilities, camping and cabin accommodations, new office and gift shop plus maintaining the historic church and access to Nootka Trail with plans to reopening of local historic village trails. To better service our guests a new small office and gift shop was built in 2008. Additional planning and implementation of further investments are being made now and into the future to provide additional services that will allow members to better pass on their history, culture, rich stories and experiences onto the world.

  Mowachaht/Muchalaht is in the planning stages to complete and resource funds to build a Yuquot Cultural and Interpretive Site, Centre and Exhibition House to showcase and pass on their historic artefacts and culture.

  This tradition of hospitality calumniates each year with the annual Summerfest gathering where the Mowachaht/Muchalaht people host a public day of celebration following a week long campout gathering of the peoples.

  For a unique and tranquil experience, stay a few nights in one of our six rustic cabins or camp at one of our wilderness sites. Walk peacefully along the beautiful pebble beach while admiring the breathtaking scenic landscapes and maybe catch a glimpse of a migrating Grey or a Humpback Whales rubbing on the beaches. Stop and listen to the waves crashing on to the beach. If you listen closely you might hear the elders talking or the spirits singing. 

  For the more adventurous, Yuquot village is the kick off point for the Nootka Trail, a 5 day hike along the west coast shores of Nootka Island to Louie Bay. Like the West Coast Trail this hiking adventure provides all the majestic wilderness and marine experiences but is the only west coast trail that provides an opportunity to possibly get a glimpse of the island wolves that are and continues to be a major part of the peoples culture and spirit world.


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